Is Your Mazda’s Exhaust System Failing?

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Your Mazda’s exhaust system might be a piece of the overall vehicle that you don’t think about much until it stops working as well as it has in the past. Mazcare advises that the exhaust system helps your engine to keep running like the finely-tuned machine that it is. When it stops working well, you’ll likely notice problems with performance that could be attributed to Mazda exhaust system problems.

You’ve Got Sluggish Acceleration

The exhaust system flushes combustion gases out of the engine and helps pull fresh air in so that your Mazda’s engine has the perfect mix of fuel and air. Those exhaust gases don’t do your engine any good, so they have to go, but with a failing exhaust system, those gases can build up and cause your fuel-to-air mixture to be off by a lot. This means you won’t have the acceleration power you need when you need it.

Gas Mileage Is Getting Worse

There’s more to it than that, however. If your fuel and air mixture isn’t optimal, the gasoline in your Mazda’s tank isn’t being used efficiently. This can mean that you’re noticing gradually worsening gas mileage, and you’re heading back to the gas pumps a lot more often than you should. This might not be something that you notice right away, but the problem compounds over time until it’s obvious.

You’re Noticing a Lot of Noise and Smells

Your exhaust system, when it’s working properly, cuts down on both noise and smells, so, if you’re noticing more of both, this is a big sign that there’s something wrong with your exhaust system. In terms of smells, you might smell something hot and you might even smell gas. If you are smelling gas, this is a big problem that needs to be fixed right away because you’re possibly inhaling carbon monoxide.

Your Mazda’s Tailpipe Is Damaged

How often do you look at your Mazda’s tailpipe? If you’re like most drivers, probably not much if ever at all. Looking at your Mazda’s tailpipe can help you to spot changes, like holes, blackened residue, or other damage that means that something isn’t working right. When you do notice the big changes, that’s your sign that something else is going on with the exhaust, and you need to investigate further.

Suspect that your Mazda’s exhaust is having problems? Contact us at Mazcare in Marietta, GA. We can get you into the shop and take a closer look for you and get the problem fixed.

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