Pre-Purchase Inspections

pre-purchase inspection

Thinking about buying a used Mazda?

It’s a great idea. Protect your investments by having the experts at Mazcare perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) for you. Our PPI can provide you with the peace of mind that you need on making a good decision on a used Mazda. A PPI might uncover expensive flaws, service needs, crash damage, and other problems that would be a problem down the road. Even if the car does not pass inspection, you have succeeded in saving yourself problems and money.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Atlanta

The PPI begins with a road test at which time performance, handling, drivability, and accessories are tested. Once in the shop, the vehicle is visually inspected internally, externally, and underneath for abnormalities and evidence of collision repairs. The engine and drivetrain are thoroughly inspected for the state of condition, wear, damage, and maintenance needs and the computer is checked for diagnostic trouble codes (check engine light).

Mazcare does not make suggestions concerning the value of a vehicle. With the information you get from a PPI and an estimate of repairs, you can be properly equipped to make a reasonable, educated offer on the vehicle you want.

Why Choose Mazcare?

If you are considering purchasing a used Mazda you want to know that your pre-purchase inspection is being performed by a technician that is a Mazda expert. At Mazcare, we only service and repair Mazda vehicles so we know them inside and out. There is simply nobody in the Atlanta area that can beat our quality of service and expertise when it comes to Mazdas.

Whether you decide to purchase the car or let it go, call Mazcare for a pre-purchase inspection before you make your final decision.


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