How Can I Tell if My Mazda’s Water Pump Is Failing?

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The water pump pushes the coolant through your Mazda’s engine to prevent it from overheating. Naturally, if there is a problem with the water pump, the coolant will not be pumped through the engine. This is why the number one sign of water pump trouble is an overheating engine. There are other signs, as well, that should prompt you to bring your automobile into Mazcare for a water pump inspection.


Red, orange, blue, yellow, or green fluid leaking from your vehicle could be engine coolant. If the fluid is dripping from the front of your vehicle in the center, it’s likely coming from the water pump because this is where the pump is located. If the pump’s gaskets or seals have loosened or cracked, the water pump will leak coolant. If the breach is severe, the water pump will be drained of all of its coolant.

Low Coolant

The more coolant that leaks out of your Mazda’s water pump, the lower the coolant level in the radiator and overflow reservoir. As the coolant levels decrease, your engine will run hotter because there isn’t enough coolant to maintain its temperature. Check your coolant levels regularly to ensure they’re full. If you notice your Mazda is going through coolant, have it checked out for cooling system problems.


If your engine does get too hot because there isn’t enough coolant circulating through it, your temperature gauge will hit the red zone. Stop driving an overheated Mazda right away. No matter what is causing it to overheat, continuing to drive can cause serious damage to the engine and engine block.

Whining Sounds

Many engine parts can whine when they’re failing, but if you hear whining in the front-center of your Mazda’s engine, it’s probably water pump trouble. Usually, this sound means the internal mechanisms in the water pump’s motor have worn down, i.e., the pump is living on borrowed time. The belt, also called the pulley, attached to the water pump can whine or hum if it’s become loose or is wearing down itself.

Visible Water Pump Damage

You can visually inspect your Mazda’s water pump regularly to ensure it’s okay. If you see rust and oxidation on the water pump’s exterior, it’s time to replace it. When coolant leaks slowly out of the pump, it creates the perfect conditions for oxidation and rust. Another visible sign of water pump trouble is air holes. You will see these tiny holes on the side of the water pump that is dry.

Contact Mazcare for a cooling system inspection. We’ll check the water pump and replace it if necessary. We specialize in Mazda service and repair in our Marietta, GA, auto shop.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro