Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better for My Mazda?

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The question of whether synthetic motor oil is better for your Mazda boils down to a few things. It also depends on your preferences and Mazda’s recommendation for your specific year and model; check your owner’s manual for that information. Mazcare would be happy to talk with you about the best motor oil for your Mazda car or crossover. Here are some considerations to help you with your choice.


As engine parts age, normal wear releases tiny metal particles into the motor oil as it passes through your motor. High-mileage vehicles tend to have more engine contamination because the parts are older and release more contaminants. Synthetic motor oil protects against engine contamination better. Synthetic is also purer because it is produced in a laboratory and has additives to keep it cleaner longer.

Driving Habits

How your drive and your commute can also affect motor oil effectiveness. If you drive your Mazda hard and fast, you need better protection because you stress the engine parts. If you drive a long, trafficked commute every day, it’s also a good idea to protect your engine against the wear and tear caused by idling and stop-and-go driving conditions. Sometimes, synthetic is better considering how you drive.

Oil Changes

Many people prefer synthetic motor oil for one simple reason: You don’t have to change your oil as often. This works well for people with busy schedules and for people who believe their weekends should only be for fun. Generally, synthetic oil can extend a Mazda’s oil change duration to as much as 10,000 miles between changes. If this sounds good to you, talk with us about changing your Mazda’s oil type.


Synthetic motor oil works best in extreme climates, which isn’t the case here in Marietta, GA. People who live in areas with below-zero winters or 100-plus summers should consider synthetic motor oil because extreme temperatures do not break it down as easy as they do conventional blends. If you drive a classic, high-mileage, or high-performance Mazda, however, synthetic will offer better protection.

You’ll find Mazcare in Marietta, GA, and we are Mazda specialists. Our automotive technicians are certified and factory-trained, which means we know everything Mazda. Call us today at 770-691-2089 to discuss the best motor oil for your Mazda year and model. We’ll personalize your oil change schedule and the motor oil that will work best for you, your car, and your commute and driving habits.

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