Reasons Why Your Mazda’s Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On

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It’s best not assume that your Mazda’s check engine light has come on for no reason at all. Yes, there are instances when the light comes on because there’s an electrical problem and everything else is fine. This doesn’t happen as often as you might think, however, and if your check engine does come on, you probably have a problem with your Mazda. Stop by Mazcare and we’ll find the problem and fix it. Here are five common things that could be the issue.

It’s a Catalytic Converter Issue

Converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide is the catalytic converter’s job and your check engine light will come on if it’s dying. Excess carbon monoxide is dangerous for you and the environment. Plus, the smell of a bad catalytic converter is usually rotten eggs, and you don’t want a whiff of that.

The Gas Cap Isn’t Sealed

The gas cap creates a vacuum seal over the tank to prevent evaporation and fuel vapors from escaping. If you thought you screwed the gas cap on tight after your last fill-up but you actually didn’t, your check engine light will alert you of the broken seal. The gas cap can lose its seal over time, as well.

The Mass Airflow Sensor Is Malfunctioning

Measuring the air in your Mazda’s engine is crucial because it needs the right combination of air and fuel to start and run efficiently. If the mass airflow sensor is malfunctioning, your engine might wind up with too much or not enough air in the mixture. You may also notice vehicle performance problems.

The Oxygen Sensor Is Dying

The amount of oxygen released in your vehicle’s exhaust must be within a specific low-to-high range and the oxygen sensor makes sure this happens. If the sensor is dying or dead, the oxygen levels will go whacky and you’ll receive a check engine warning as a result. Your vehicle will also fail an emissions test.

You Need a Tune-Up

Finally, the spark plugs in your Mazda are designed to last much longer than they used to in older cars. Depending on what your owner’s manual says, you might be able to drive 100,000 miles before you have to have them changed. If it’s been awhile, it could be the plugs that trigger the CE light.

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