Used Mazda Pre-Purchase Inspections Save You Money

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Even if you’ve gone to a Mazda dealer for your new-to-you automobile, it’s still wise to get an independent pre-purchase inspection. Yes, today’s dealers are certifying their used cars, but what does that really mean? And, who certified it? Chances are the dealers own service shop certified the vehicle and while they know their stuff, they also have to answer to dealer management who wants to get the used car off the lot quickly. Let Mazcare inspect the used Mazda you’d like to buy.

You, First!

There are some things you can do on your own to ensure you’re getting the best used Mazda you can buy. Don’t be shy going into the auto sales transaction, and definitely do not let the dealer wrangle you into buying a used car without conducting some due diligence first. Keep in mind that dealers are only successful if they move the cars off the lots quickly, so make sure to

  • Visually inspect the used Mazda thoroughly
  • Get a copy of the vehicle’s history report
  • Check out online what people are saying about this Mazda year and model
  • Check online to see what automotive professionals are saying about it as well
  • Run a search for recalls on this year and model
  • Check its safety record on the NHTSA’s website
  • Take it for a long test drive and check all the components

Educate yourself about this Mazda year and model before you make your decision. If you allow the dealer to strong-arm you into the sale without really researching the vehicle first, you might end up with a lemon that you would not have otherwise bought had you simply seen what other drivers were saying about the car. You want a safe and reliable car, not one that will cost you a ton in repairs.

Now Us!

Now it’s our turn. A professional Mazda pre-purchase inspection can find things that you wouldn’t see with the naked eye. It can also find things that wouldn’t necessarily turn up during your extensive test drive. Accidents, fire damage, flood damage, shoddy maintenance work, and other problems aren’t always reported, so you cannot rely on the car history report alone. You need the help of trained eyes that know exactly where to look to ensure the used Mazda you’re buying is a good one.

Because Mazcare works primarily on the Mazda brand, we are the perfect Marietta, GA, automotive shop for this task. Call us at 770-691-2089.

Photo by Takoburito from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro