Why Does My Mazda Keep Overheating?

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You guessed it by our name! Mazcare are Mazda specialists. We can take care of all of your Mazda needs, including maintenance and repairs. One problem that we diagnose and fix all the time is overheating. It’s important to bring your vehicle in at the first sign of an overheating problem, as any engine that runs too hot also runs the risk of being severely damaged. Here are six common reasons why your Mazda’s engine is burning up on the inside.

1. Engine Coolant Problems

Engine coolant problems can include the incorrect coolant in the cooling system, dirty or old coolant, or low levels of coolant. Any time the engine coolant is compromised, it cannot do its job of drawing heat away from the engine as it circulates through it. This will cause your engine to overheat.

2. Leaks in the Cooling System

One reason why your engine’s coolant might be low is that it’s leaking out of the cooling system. It can leak out of worn gaskets or seals, out of the radiator hoses, out of the radiator itself, or out of a loose radiator cap. Fixing the leak is the only way to resolve this problem.

3. Dead Water Pump or Thermostat

Engine coolant can also leak out of the water pump, which is the part that circulates the coolant through the engine. The thermostat releases the coolant once the engine gets too hot and the pump pushes it through. If either of these parts is failing, your Mazda will overheat.

4. Radiator or Radiator Fan Issues

The radiator can leak engine coolant through the bottom if it has rusted. This generally only happens on cars that have quite a few miles on them. The radiator fan helps reduce the coolant’s temperature in the radiator, and if there is a problem with either of these parts, you’ll overheat.

5. Clogged Heater Core

Although not part of the cooling system, the heater core relies on the hot engine coolant to warm the inside of your car. If the hoses inside the core are clogged or leaking, the coolant will be blocked from making its way back through your engine and your vehicle will overheat.

6. Low Engine Oil

Finally, oil changes are so crucial to the life of your Mazda that they cannot be overstated. The cooling system uses coolant to reduce the engine’s temperature but it also relies on your motor oil. Oil draws heat away from moving engine parts and lubricates them to prevent excess heat in the first place. Dirty or low motor oil will make your car overheat.

Call Mazcare in Marietta, GA, to schedule an appointment so we can find out why your engine is overheating and fix it.

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