Why Is My Mazda’s Check Engine Light Coming On?

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The check engine light in any automobile serves as a warning that there is something wrong or the vehicle is overdue for service. It’s important to heed this warning. Driving with a check engine light on can further damage your engine, leaving you with a much more expensive repair bill for your Mazda than necessary. Mazcare explains why check engine lights come on below.

1. Computer System Problems

Your Mazda has a main computer chip and system sensors. These sensors monitor vehicle systems and report back to the main chip that everything is okay or that there is a problem. If there’s a problem, the main chip will turn on the appropriate dashboard light, but sometimes, it’s the computer system itself that has a problem, and the computer chip might turn on the light for no reason.

2. Exhaust System Problems

Vehicle exhaust is monitored heavily by various sensors to ensure your Mazda only releases gases under the EPA limits, and if anything in the exhaust system is going bad, your check engine light will come on. This includes issues with the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. To be honest, the exhaust system is one of the primary reasons why a check engine light comes on; it’s a common occurrence.

3. Fuel System Problems

The good news about fuel system problems is it might just be your gas cap. If you put gas in your Mazda and the check engine light came on as you pulled out of the station, find a safe place to park and check to make sure you tightened the gas cap. The gas cap seals the tank and if there isn’t a vacuum seal, the light will come on. It could also be an issue with the fuel injectors or pump.

4. Ignition System/Combustion Problems

Finally, your Mazda relies on combustion to start and run. Air and fuel are mixed to create a combustible substance for the spark plugs to ignite. The check engine light will come on if there is a problem with the spark plugs or their wires. It might also come on if the mass airflow sensor is failing. This sensor measures the air in the air/fuel mixture to make sure it isn’t too rich (fuel-heavy) or lean (air-heavy).

Contact Mazcare or stop by our Marietta, GA, auto service shop if your check engine light comes on. Don’t take chances. Ignoring the light could cost you more in the end.

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