You Won’t Void Your Mazda’s Extended Warranty By Bringing It To Our Shop

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You might think you have to take your Mazda to a Mazda dealer for the factory-scheduled maintenance and repair work but you don’t. As long as you have the work performed at a qualified auto service shop, the issuer of your extended warranty cannot void it. Check the fine print, but nowhere in the warranty should it insist that you take your car or crossover to a dealer. Mazcare performs the maintenance services required to keep your warranty in good standing.

Extended Warranty Basics

Vehicle extended warranties are designed to protect you should something out of the ordinary go wrong with your Mazda. The repairs covered under the warranty are usually things not related to normal engine wear and tear, and one reason why this is so is that the issuers do not want to pay out the warranty unless they absolutely have to. This is why you are expected to keep your Mazda in tiptop shape. If you do not stick to the manufacturer or warranty’s maintenance schedule, you’ll void the warranty and it will not cover any damages resulting from the lack of factory service.

Keeping the Warranty Valid

Sticking to the maintenance schedule is the first way to keep your Mazda’s extended warranty valid. You must also be able to show that you stuck to the schedule with service receipts that detail the work performed line item by line item. Even though it might seem as if it’s overkill, get a receipt for every oil change, tire rotation, and all other preventative maintenance services. This proves to the warranty’s issuer that you have done your part in maintaining the safety and reliability of your vehicle and, as such, it’s time for them to do their part and pay for any necessary covered repairs minus your deductible.

Take your vehicle to a qualified auto service shop, as well. For example, all of the auto mechanics that work here at Mazcare are certified and have years of experience. We work on Mazda’s only, making us experts in the specific maintenance and repair of these vehicles. We provide detailed estimates and final bills of all of the work performed on our customers’ cars and crossovers for their records. In other words, if you need to cash in on your extended warranty, we can prove your Mazda was maintained as it should have been if you’ve been bringing it to our Marietta, GA, auto repair shop.

Photo by JJ Gouin from Getty Images via Canva Pro