How Can I Tell Whether My Fuel Injectors Are Going Bad?

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Your Mazda is your baby, and we here at Mazcare want it to be our baby, too. We work tirelessly to ensure all of our customers’ Mazdas are safe, reliable, and running as efficiently as possible. The fuel injectors directly affect how efficiently your car runs. How fuel injectors go bad is twofold: they can get clogged and they can leak. Here are signs you’ve got fuel injector problems underneath the hood.

Acceleration Problems

The fuel injectors are responsible for pushing gasoline into the combustion chamber. Without gasoline, your engine cannot create the combustion it needs to generate power. If the fuel injectors are clogged, they may not be spraying enough fuel into your Mazda’s cylinders and, as such, your vehicle acceleration may lag.

Check Engine Light

Leaking fuel injectors can add too much gasoline into the engine and, as a consequence, additional carbon gases in the exhaust. If this happens, your engine control module might turn on the check engine light because it’s receiving readings from the engine sensors that there is too much gas in the combustion chamber and vehicle exhaust.

Engine Performance Issues

Engine performance issues can happen whether your fuel injectors are clogged or leaking. Specifically, you may notice that your engine lags alongside your acceleration. You may notice that your engine sputters as it attempts to gain power. You may have misfiring, which is when your engine cuts in and out. You may also have rough idling, stalling, and an engine that does not reach its full RPMs.

Gasoline Odors

A dangerous sign of fuel injector problems is the smell of gasoline. This can happen when your fuel injectors are leaking. Unfortunately, when they leak, your engine ends up with excess gas that it burns away. You’ll smell the gas, and you may have black smoke coming out of your tailpipe. Smelling gas fumes is dangerous, so make sure to stop by or shop right away.

Start Failure

Finally, clogged injectors can make it difficult to start your engine, or you might not be able to get it started at all. The reason why your engine won’t start is that the fuel injectors are unable to push the gasoline through into the combustion chamber so it can be ignited with air. If your automobile is completely dead and you’ve noticed the other symptoms listed above, your Mazda likely has fuel injector problems.

We’ve got you covered here at Mazcare in Marietta, GA. We are Mazda experts, and we’d be happy to inspect your fuel injectors and clean or replace them if necessary.

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